uniting the financial institution with its users are precious.

Multiply your opportunities to access complementary financing solutions and protect these irreplaceable relationships by partnering with us.


You represent a caisse or a bank and you are looking for an additional financing solution for your member or client?

  • You could take effective steps today to ensure an additional range of options for your customers.

We work with lenders from across Canada.

This is how we have access to exceptional financing products allowing a wide range of options, one of which could meet your expectations for those of your clients and members affected by certain government guidelines which restrict you in your ability to respond to their requests.

We have access to exclusive financing solutions.

We have developed a unique expertise in financing mortgage loans that complement the products and services you already offer. By partnering with us, you make sure to use all the tools available on the market to obtain an exclusive loan, perfectly suited to the current situation of some of your users.

We offer a full range of unconventional solutions.

By establishing a partnership with Socium Solutions, your financial institution acquires a complete new service and complementary financing solutions in order to remedy cases where one of your members or client no longer corresponds to the borrowing guidelines established by your financial institution.

We contribute to the loyalty of your customers.

By working in partnership with Socium Solutions, you provide your financial institution with significant additional resources, ensuring the reliability, consistency and excellence of your products and services. Together, we will consolidate your users' level of satisfaction with your institution and the excellence of your services.


Do you appreciate the products and services of your caisse or your bank, but are they unable to grant your mortgage request at this time?

  • There are other options available. Ask your financial institution to get in touch with us: together, we will find a financing solution for you.

Is your loan request refused?

If, for one reason or another, your financial institution is unable to grant you the loan you need at the moment, do not hesitate to ask them to call on our expertise in order to help you access your request from your caisse or bank.

Our team is at your service.

Socium Solutions works exclusively with mortgage borrowers who, like you, are experiencing issues with certain restrictive rules. Borrowers must be referred by their bank or caisse so that they can obtain our services.

We work with your financial institution.

It is therefore in close collaboration with your financial institution that we will build the best strategy, and determine what are the best mortgage options for you.

Keep your links with your caisse or your bank.

For immediate access to the mortgage you need without losing the irreplaceable link you have with the financial institution you have chosen, do not hesitate to contact us.


You are in business, you have a project in sight but your financial institution cannot grant you a loan at the moment?

  • The services offered by the BUSINESS section of Socium Solutions are intended for commercial, multi-residential and construction financing.


√ Socium Solutions Business benefit from a strong experience and a fine expertise in commercial, multi-residential, construction, industrial and corporate finance.


√ Socium Solutions Business is a multidisciplinary team in commercial finance, made up of experienced and experienced practitioners in each of their respective fields.


√ Socium Solutions Business is made up of ingenious professionals with access to a wide variety of commercial lenders who will meet your respective and punctual needs.


√ Socium Solutions Business is a powerful partner for your projects. Our team will support you at each step, before, during and after the achievement of your objectives.

Sylvain Poirier

For a residential, rental, commercial or private financing project, you can count on the experience, efficiency and expertise of Sylvain Poirier's team.

Active in the mortgage financing field for several years, with the help of his team, Sylvain will be able to carry out all your mortgage financing procedures.

Sylvain is also involved in the profession through his commitments to l’Association des Courtiers Hypothécaire du Québec as chairman of the board of directors and as a teacher in training colleges for new mortgage brokers.


Socium Solutions is licensed as a mortgage broker under license number OACIQ G7215.



Socium Solutions is an authorized financial intermediary specialized in the field of complementary financing solutions and unconventional mortgage loans.

Our field of expertise: finding complementary solutions for people wishing to take out a mortgage loan with their bank or their caisse, but who do not meet the guidelines established by their financial institution for reasons such as: self-employment income, credit problems, insolvency, bankruptcy, etc. The members of the Socium Solutions team have developed unique methods in accessing, processing and financing a wide range of mortgage products and services, additional and complementary to the offer of most financial institutions in Canada.

Are you self-employed? This is not a reason for not being able to invest in a house. Talk about us to your financial institution, and together we will find a solution.

Are you experiencing temporary financial difficulties? Now is the perfect time to invest in future projects. Talk about us to your financial institution to find a custom loan.

Do you have a bankruptcy under your belt? We know this happens sometimes. Talk about us to your financial institution and we will help you rebuild your credit.

Do you own a property, want to transform part of it into money but your financial institution does not allow it at the moment? Ask about our complementary solutions.

Are you a business owner? Do you want to invest in a commercial project? If your financial institution has refused to lend you, this is one of our specialties. Invite your advisor to contact us.



That's good, we have answers! At Socium Solutions, we know how much our work can raise questions. See if this section tells you more about us? Otherwise, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to get to know us better and appreciate our products and services.


What should I tell my users about Socium Solutions?

Need to tell your members or clients that they don't meet your loan guidelines? The good news is that you have a partner in financing solutions that will complement the conventional products that you already offer. As soon as Socium Solutions receives your Consent Form, an agent will do everything to ensure that your user obtains the loan he needs, in the best conditions and as quickly as possible.

What if the members or clients of my financial institution ask me for information about the rates or fees related to Socium Solutions products and services?

The fees paid to Socium Solutions are paid by financial institutions. There are no user fees. Your member or client is safe with us, and it is in complete transparency, in partnership with you, that we will offer him different ways of achieving his objectives. By talking to him, you will be able to decide together on the best solution offered.

What are the advantages of working with Socium Solutions?

First, you don't lose your client or your member. Second, borrowers who opt for an unconventional financing solution usually do so on a temporary basis in order to eventually gain access to more conventional financing. When renewing a mortgage, the member or client satisfied with your performance will certainly be delighted to return to your conventional products and services.

Are there solutions for customers who are past due on their mortgage or other loans?

Yes. We have financing solutions that complement your existing products, and we can grant most conventional mortgage loan refusals.



Who is Socium Solutions?

Socium Solutions provides financing solutions that complement the products and services offered by the caisses and banks, so that they can upgrade their regular products and services, which are often more conventional and more prudent.

Therefore, it allows them to provide you with unconventional mortgage financing solutions when you need them most.

Our main reason for being is to ensure that your financial institution can maintain the excellent relationship it already has with you.

Why can't I meet the criteria for traditional loans from my financial institution?

There are many reasons why you cannot access conventional loans at this time. Quite simply a matter of conjuncture.

You may be self-employed and have trouble securing a fixed income. You may be a new immigrant or a non-resident with no credit history in Canada. You may have applied for a high amount of equity loan that cannot currently be granted to you under the CMHC guidelines. You may be having a credit challenge... All of these and many other reasons can prevent a financial institution from providing you with the mortgage financing you need.

In partnership with your financial institution, we will find a lender for you, from a range of unconventional suppliers who may be able to help you temporarily, pending your return to your bank's regular products and services or from your caisse.

What is an unconventional mortgage?

An unconventional mortgage is defined, in its simplest form, as a mortgage granted to a borrower who does not meet the standard loan criteria of most financial institutions.

Our financing solutions, complementary to the products and services of Canadian financial institutions, are unconventional mortgage loans.

What can Socium Solutions do for me?

Our work aims, in partnership with your financial institution, to find the most comfortable complementary financing solution for you, given the current circumstances, which mean that you are not eligible for conventional financing.

Socium Solutions has access to a wide range of funding sources and options. In this sense, it is almost always possible to obtain a mortgage solution adapted to each need.

In fact, if any solution(s) is (are) available to you, anywhere in Canada, we will have access to it, and, with the help of your caisse or bank, we will will make it clear, precise and transparent.

You will then have a number of ways to reach your goals, which will allow you and your financial advisor to decide which will be best for you.

How can I ensure the best possible results for my application?

Avoid applying for your loan in several places: this could greatly affect the rating appearing on your credit report. With the help of your caisse or bank, provide us with complete and accurate information and always keep your personal information up to date with us: we're here to help.

What if I can't make all of my payment on time?

Call our office at least 7 days before your due date to avoid fees. Together we will make other arrangements for your payment.

How are renewal fees paid?

With Socium Solutions, there is no charge for renewing your loan.

How can I pay off my mortgage sooner?

Contact us to set a date.

Is there a penalty if I settle my mortgage at the time of renewal?


How can I request additional funds?

Contact your bank or caisse and ask your financial advisor what Socium Solutions can do for you.



What types of properties do you finance?

• Multi-housing;
• Semi-commercial;
• Pure sales;
• Small shopping centers;
• Industrial building;
• Mini-Warehouses;
• Land;
• Office buildings;
• Residences for the elderly.

What types of financing do you offer?

• Funding, complementary to that of financial institutions (1st and 2nd rank);
• Full financing of a project with collateral guarantee;
• Business financing;
• Mezzanine loan (construction, business);
• Interim construction financing;
• Financing of unsold units (construction project);
• Financing of tax credits.

Do you offer other services?

Socium Solutions Business can also intervene
with customers who need:

• equipment financing;
• factoring (purchase of receivables).



Socium Solutions is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We ensure that personal information as well as the business dealt with you remain strictly confidential.

  • If you have any questions regarding our privacy and privacy policies, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1 888-315-6642.


The appropriate use of this information provides us with the essential details that allow us to refine our research in order to offer you products and services that are fully personalized and tailored to your needs. As a financial intermediary for your bank or your caisse, Socium Solutions is an open and accessible organization working with respect for everyone's privacy.


The collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is intended to provide you with financial products and services that will help you achieve your goals. We do not share personal information about you without your written permission, and only people who need this information in the course of their work will have an access to it.


We apply online safeguards to ensure the confidentiality of personal information that you and your financial institution provide through our site. However, the confidentiality and security of personal information is not absolutely guaranteed when transmitted over the Internet. We therefore also accept requests by telephone and traditional mail.


Following the authentication of your identity, you have the right to access the personal information held by Socium Solutions about you. We charge a reasonable administrative fee to provide this information. When the deadline prescribed by law expires, we have procedures to delete, delete or convert them to an anonymous format.

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